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Timing Belt Service and how it saves you money!


Keeping your engine in sync with great timing is extremely important. This is where your timing belt comes in, without the right care it can cause broken valves, piston or cylinder wall damage.


I know those are technical terms, but as you can assume if you can take care of your timing belt, you will not have to replace any of those expensive parts. 


We don't tell you this information to scare you, only because we would rather do a mid-size service which is preventative and much less expensive. Rather then hand you a large repair bill where most of the bill is the cost of parts.


We work hard to give you the right information before you need a repair. To keep you on the road, so you can enjoy your Volvo past the 200,000 mile mark!


To schedule a free inspection give us a call at (626) 852-0603 or Click Here to let us know when you would like to come in for your free inspection.


Instead of reading, Robert can walk you through the process!

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