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Robert has a tremendous passion for Volvo's, just by talking with him you can feel his passion and enjoyment. He can tell you many stories why this is true. One of his more heartfelt stories he may tell you of, is when his wife was involved in an accident and she walked away as if nothing happened. Her Volvo held up so well that even the inside of it still looked prestine. Another story of how he has worked on a Volvo with over 460,000 miles. Which he will also let you know the Guiness world record for a car with the most miles is held by a Volvo. Who's owner still drives and loves.​​



"When a car comes into my shop I do a complete inspection and advise the customer what work needs to be done from most important to least important. I love working on Volvo cars and with my (37) years knowledge and experience believe that you can drive a Volvo forever with proper maintenance.


I have a passion for doing the job right and feel professional obligation to fully advise my clients.I always explain all work including the cost up front and have the customer decide what if anything they want to do.


I guarantee all of my work and encourage you to give me a try."




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