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1/21/2015 Yelp Review


"Robert is the man. He's seriously a great and honest mechanic. He only uses genuine Volvo parts and will give you the best deal around. If you own a Volvo, you need to take it to him."


 -Muhammad M.


11/6/2014 Yelp Review


"Robert is great!  I called because my car was shaking.  He wasn't sure what it it'll be so he advised me to tow it in.  Am I glad I did!  Come to find out American Tires had not tightened the bolts to a new tire I bought and I was driving on only one bolt.  He was an actual life saver!  I needed a trustworthy mechanic and I found it with Robert.  He didn't charge me for bolts and checked out the rest of the car. I lucked out."


 -Debra M.

2/26/2014 Yelp Review


"I was very impressed by Roberts professional approach and passion for performing the correct repairs on my Volvo S 80. Never have I felt good about picking up my car from a mechanic. His future diagnosis on repairs that didnt necessarily need attention were comforting knowing that a repair can happen in the future. All I can say is it felt nice not being hoodwinked. Also knowing that someone cares for safety. Robert quoted me a price the day I dropped the car off and when picked up it was the same. He prices out repairs extremely fair, much less than the dealer and does a much thorough repair. Top notch is my conclusion and from a genuine person."


 -Alek B.


10/1/2014 Yelp Review


"We love Robert!  We've never felt any sort of hard sell (well, except to change the oil more frequently--we tend to wait a bit longer than recommended).  There hasn't been an issue that Robert can't address and address quickly.  I've worked on cars myself, so I feel like I know enough to know if I were being given a snow job and that's NEVER happened at Sweden Volvo.  It's a little bit out of the way for us, but this is just where we have to go when it's time to service our car.  He's quick.  He's much less expensive than the dealerships.  He has our confidence--something not too many mechanics have ever had."


 -Brian B.

10/24/2011 Yelp Review


"Robert is a great and honest mechanic. Don't think you'll find anyone better to work on your volvos. He knows Volvos inside and out and is extremely nice to explain everything to you. His prices are way better than dealers, I will never go to anyone else to work on my Volvo. He's really reliable and when he says it will be done by a certain time, it will be. The best thing is I can trust him."


 -Linda P.

April 2015 Google+ Review


"Robert has been my mechanic since he opened his shop some 18 years ago. I have an 89 Volvo 740 with 311,000 miles on it and a 2005 S60 with 112,000 miles. They both have the original engine and transmission. I bought them both new and thanks to Robert they both still run like new. Robert is incredibly honest and hard working. Volvo cars and repair are his passion and with his 30 plus years of experience he knows what he is doing. In all the years he has worked on my cars I have never had to take the car back a second time for the same problem. Another shop may low ball the repair estimate to get your business but will cost you more in the long run. Do yourself a favor and go to Robert at Sweden Volvo."


 -Lance Lorenzen

June 2014 Google+ Review


"I have entrusted my Volvos with Robert Isaian and Sweden Volvo since 1995. My current Volvo has over 208,000 miles and counting. Robert assures me that with regular maintenance the vehicle can double that amount if I so desire. Barring an accident, I do not doubt his words. Since we all find value in people who make every effort to live up to their word, this is the attribute that allows Robert to stand out from the ordinary. Over the years, he has consistently demonstrated integrity, good work ethic and character in addition to providing the quality of service that is second to none. If you are concerned with trusting your vehicle to a technician whom you can place complete confidence, I highly recommend Robert Isaian for your Volvo."


 -Michael Thomas

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