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Volvo Repair in Covina


4 Things you may not know about Covina!


One, Sweden Volvo Repair is on the boarder of Covina and Glendora. We specialize in Volvo Repair exclusivly and are a great dealer alternative.


Two, we have 37 years of experince working with Volvo's. With experience we save our clients time and money. 60% of our current clients have over 100,000 miles on their Volvo. An even more exciting fact 20% of our clients have over 200,00 miles on their Volvo. We want to get you to the 200,000 mile club and beyond! Click here to watch a video about our long-time clients.


Three, when Covina was created in 1901 it was the smallest city in the nation at one square mile. Then in 1922 the slogan was coined from a contest put on by the Chamber Of Commerce, and the slogan which you may know is "One Mile Square And All There".


Four, Covina is also known for it's Oranges! In 1909 Covina was the third largest orange producer in the world. Still it is claimed that Covina has the best oranges!


We are fans of Covina, and if you own a Volvo and need a great Volvo Specialist we would love to help you out! Give us a call at (626) 852-0603 or click here to have us reach out to you.

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