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Brake Repair - 3 Signs You Should Watch Out For


One of the most important things you can do for the safety of yourself and others, is to get your brake inspection done when you notice any sign that they are not working properly. Unfortunately, unless you are a auto mechanic yourself you don't know what to except for seeing the brake light turn on.


The following are some signs you may notice that will signal it may be time for a brake service:

Grinding Noise: With any type of grinding noise when you use the brake, you need to call for brake service. When your brakes are going bad, they can grind, screech, or click when used so be aware of any unusual noises. 


Hard Pedal or Soft Pedal: A hard brake pedal will take extreme pushing to get the brakes to engage. A soft pedal is one that goes all the way to the floor before it starts to work. In either case, brake repair is a must for the vehicle to be safe. 


Pulling, Grabbing, and Vibrating: If the vehicle pulls to one side or the other when the brakes are applied. Or grabs one of the slightest touches, there is a problem. Another issue you may see is the car vibrating whenever pressure is applied to the brake pedal. 


If you notice any of the signs above, it is time to come in for brake service. After a quick inspection, we will let you know what should be taken care of now and what can wait. Our main priority is to keep you safe on the road.


If your having any issues or are worried about your brakes, give us a call we would love to help. Call to schedule a free inspection at (626) 852-0603 or Click Here to let us know when you would like to come in for your free inspection.


Looking for a dedicated Volvo Specialist? Robert even takes pictures and videos to show you what needs to be done on your Volvo!

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